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Roy, Thanks for everything. It goes without saying that we could never pull off half of the stuff we do without you, but the last two days made it abundantly clear Your team attitude is tremendous. Your wisdom and experience anchor us all while making everyone cooler and smarter for having worked with you, especially me. One more week, then you can go back to running with the big dogs.

David Cook

"My Kind of Town" ABC TV




Got your message today. Thanks for leaving it. I really appreciated it and feel the same way. I was determined that this be a positive experience for all of us and I feel that it absolutely turned out that way. You and your guys gave us 100% all the time and it showed but what I most appreciated about you, Roy, was your total professionalism while enduring such difficult circumstances in your personal life. I cannot express how much I respected you for that. We will work together again. This is a good working relationship we have built on this. Hopefully you'll be available for the Mt. Vernon because I will not hesitate to call you.

Let's stay in touch in the meantime.
Best regards,

Seth Isler
Producer Greystone Picturers

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