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Roy Farfel has over 400 credits with an outstanding safety record. Roy has been a stunt man and a stunt coordinator for over 30 years.

Experience counts. Roy embraces the director's vision and tries to convey that vision safely on film. Roy not only is a stunt coordinator, he is an accomplished stunt driver who is president of Drivers East, the only stunt driving team on the East Coast, Drivers East also has a training facility where the team practices and teaches students and actors at Drivers East Stunt Driving School.

Take a look at the video section of the web site here to see some of Roy Farfel's work in TV and film. You will be astounded at the work and the professionalism. Roy has been doing this for so many years (teaching stunt driving, stunt coordinating, and being a stunt man) that being a professional and getting the job done in a safe and efficient manner are second nature to Roy.


mStunt Coordinator

Roy Farfel as Stunt Coordinator

Roy has been stunt coordinating in the business of film, TV, and commercials for many years. He has a stellar record of safety and high performance that go hand in hand.

If you want a professional with a safe and exciting track record , take a look at Roy's resume, his videos, and the stunts as seen in film, TV, and commercials. ~ read more - > > >

mStunt Man - Stunt Driver

Roy Farfel has over 400 credits performing stunts in the entertainment business. Roy also has over 30 years of doing stunts in a business that demands excellence and high performance.

Watch Roy's work to see how he makes it look so easy and yet look so exciting and death defying at the same time. Experience is what you want when it comes to performing stunts. ~ read more - > > >





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